NS-19™ The Rig Crew Tool Joint & Connection Handbook (Online, PDF or Hardcopy Versions Available)


An exceptionally useful handbook on the correct way of handling drilling tools and their connections.


Product Description

This is a very handy ‘tally book’ sized publication which will assist all those either on the rig, or in support functions, to increase the life of down hole equipment.

The recommendations in this handbook are based on over 30 years experience in all aspects of drillstring operations from procurement to end of service life, this includes failure investigation and providing a wide range of courses for all standards and disciplines.

All procedures and techniques have NS-2™ Drillstring Inspection Standard in mind, which is rapidly becoming recognised as the industry benchmark in drillstring inspections and of which Fearnley Procter Group are the authors and custodians.

Whatever your discipline or function this handbook can be used as a reference for general information or as a basis for a competency standard.

Additional Information

Refund Policy

Due to the fact that this is an information publication based on copyrighted material owned by Fearnley Procter International once payment has been made and access has been given to the publication content no refunds of monies paid are available.