NS-21™ Drill String Knowledge Handbook (PDF or Hardcopy Versions Available)


A guide and an information publication on selecting the correct drill pipe string for a specific well.


Product Description

This booklet is aimed at the Drilling Engineer involved in the deciding on which drill pipe string should be used for a specific well. It is intended as a guide to “fitness-for-purpose” and simple reference document, addressing “in broad terms” which drillstring is required for the job at hand.

It highlights the main features of drillstring tubular goods and the inspection requirements that you, the drilling engineer, need to know.

Topics include:

  • Drillpipe construction
  • Proprietary connections
  • PAC connections
  • Plastic coating
  • Definitions of the inspection report tally sheet defined
  • Properties of drillstring components

Additional Information

Refund Policy

Due to the fact that this is an information publication based on copyrighted material owned by Fearnley Procter International once payment has been made and access has been given to the publication content no refunds of monies paid are available.